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The origins of the word "Dragon" as we know it today are found in the ancient Greek form δέρκεσθαι (derkesthai) which means "to see clearly" or "to glance dartingly". Although the precise signification is still contested, it certainly accomplishes to describe the mystifying glimmer in a dragon's eyes. It is interesting to note that the Dragon being one to see clearly, they are also the one who possesses infinite wisdom and insight.


Today Dragons might be seen as mythological, fairytale or fantasy creatures. However their true origin is buried in the turmoils of the past and will probably never be revealed to the uninitiated.


Knowledge is power and while some of these otherworldly beings may have preferred brute force to carry out their will in antediluvian times, they are also masters of manipulation and have subtly meddled in politics, religion and other sources of influence throughout history.


"Derkesthai" can also be interpreted as the hypnotic look a serpent (Dragon) gives you before the kill. The death stare. 

Through the Derkestai artworks, bearing the mark of Dragon's blood, you may discover, piece by piece, the story which lies behind.


What is the Blood of the Dragon? 

The Dragon's blood is a bright red resin which is obtained from different species of a number of distinct plants, the most famous probably being the Dracaena Cinnabari due to its particular shape. The red resin has been used since ancient times as medicine, varnish, incense and dye. Scientists have also quite recently found potent anti-aging properties within the resin.

In the past, a degree of confusion arose in regard to the actual source of Dragon's blood. Some medieval encyclopedias claimed that the resin was the literal blood of elephants and dragons who had perished in mortal combat. Other legends say, that these trees grow where Dragons had fallen in mythic battles, millenniums ago, as they still walked our realm.

The Derkestai collection is an exclusive type of painting bearing the mark of Dragon's blood and other unique pigments, including ashes, shamanic plants or even bones. Each artwork imbued in the mystic red resin, tells a part of the story, all but one piece to the final Saga.


The Derkestai collection has never been about an artist alone but about a vision, one the greatest stories ever told on Terra and far beyond. From the beginning of times, through the downfall of glorious civilisations, layers of past, present, future, merging together. We are the embodiment of space and time accross eternity. 


Everything happens simultaneously.

Inspiration has arisen in shapes, colours, textures from the flora and fauna encountered during numerous journeys across this planet. From forest hikes in Scandinavia to sandy safaris in East Africa, from the deepest Amazonian rain forest to the blossoming trees of Japan. Words, thoughts, ideas, everything can be siphoned through the artist, into any canvas. 


However, the Derkestai prophetic visions, marked with dragon's blood, are principally obtained through channelling, connecting to the Source. More on channelling coming soon...

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